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  1. If you need to customize suit, please contact our customer service, tell us your custom intention and requirements, then our customize experts will according to your specific situation analysis and recommend the best customized solution for you, let you have unique overalls.


  2. Choose your favorite style and color, then provide design, LOGO and text and estimated the number of custom, we will according to your request to estimate quotation.  After the agreement, please pay the deposit before we start to design.


  3. According to your ideas and requirements, we will be free for you to design style, we will offer you the perfect effect in 1~2 working days.


  4. If you want a tailored suit, please measure your size with reference to our body measurement guide and provide to us. We will tailor the suit according to your size information.


  5. According to the above data you confirm, we will arrange the high quality and high level of production for you.


  6. When the suit finishd, we will send the garments to you before you paid it.


  7. After you received the suit, we still provide perfect after-sales service until you satisfied with the suit.

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