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In 2007, dupont ™ Nomex ® listed the 40th anniversary of the heat-resistant fiber products.Nomex ® heat resistant fiber is a kind of innovation of heat resistant and flame retardant fiber, suitable for protective cloth, protective clothing, insulation products, and other high-performance applications, and processing for the tens of thousands of people around the world to provide protection.Nomex ® products are not melting, dripping, in the air is not as auxiliary combustion, the essence is a kind of flame retardant, heat resistant fiber.It also for many chemical etching has very good heat resistance.

Light weight, good toughness dupont ™ Kevlar ® brand fiber is over forty years of innovation work gradually developed, since the dupont ™ Kevlar fiber ® brand, the advent of it from save thousands of lives to protect their homes and global vehicle's safety, and help the spacecraft landing on Mars have played an important role.

Waterproof 20000 HG, breathable 24 h / 10000 g/M2, micro porous glue layer of fabric, but with the increase of body temperature, glue layer microporous automatically expand, improve the speed of human movement discharge of steam, and it is also a kind of lightweight materials, with advanced functions at extremely low temperatures, can keep the original soft and elastic.

The GORE-TEX® membrane: The secret of GORE-TEX® products -- which are both completely waterproof and completely breathable at the same time -- lies within its our revolutionary bi-component membrane. The membrane contains over 9 billion microscopic pores which are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor. So while water in its liquid form cannot penetrate the GORE-TEX® membrane, as moisture vapor it can easily escape.

Durability of the strongest CORDURA ® fabrics using tear strength and abrasion resistance are the strongest high tenacity yarn, wear out this kind of fabric usually need two times the power and time.

YKK zipper is the founder of the industry, representing the industry standard. Its precise process, materials and management method, the price is about 10 times of other brand zipper. YKK zipper has passed the certification of the durability standard, and passed the JIS - S3015 strength test.

Whether in work or play, 3 m ™ Scotchlite ™ reflective material helps you added visibility during dawn and dusk flights in all weather conditions.

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