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         Brand positioning ---As the pioneer and leader in national racing suits, jxhracing takes the design philosophy of safe, comfort and fashion, imports high quality fabric, innovate the unique style with delicate and precise details, to build the great king style.
  Brand mission--- Because of being concentrated, we are very professional! Escorting security to motorsports!
  【Brand description】—Jxhracing branding is created in Shenzhen in year 2001;  we passed the SFI and FIA homologation afterwards. Products under jxhracing are sold to worldwide;  it is growing up to an international and professional brand in the market.
  “Jxhracing means “General, prime minister and marquis in ancient China”. it is originated from the Shih Chi. “As a general, the wisdom, confidence, righteousness, courage and self-disciplined personality belong to him; As a prime minister, can devise strategies within a command to win a war thousands miles far away; As a marquis, he is the champion of the war, and bring the honor of governing 2,500 families”; jxhracing embody the courage of general, the wisdom of prime minister, and the charm of a marquis.

  Follow the fashion sports car culture, pass a kind of freedom, the leisure, comfortable way of life, reveals the speed and personality into the design, reflect the bravery, wisdom, victory racing culture charm, creating personality, adventure, fashion image of the king. Advocate the "fashion sports life" be in harmony are an organic whole dress sense, and the honourable for elite men free easy and comfortable leisure apparel products, create new image young, enthusiastic, fashionable man
  【Brand description 】— Motor sports originated in Europe, once all the rage before European royalty and the aristocracy. Saifee is by safety transliteration, the Chinese name "saifee", just as the brand name, Embodies the spirit of the ubiquity of healthyvibrant, and freedom, passion, fashion culture and noble sport easy leisure way of life, People got the pursuit of taste, healthy life, become representative of fashion trend

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